• 2 months ago

the fox roamed the woods so free,
With fur of orange and white, and a heart so carefree.
Until one day, he met a wolf in the clearing,
With eyes so bright, and a spirit so endearing.

The fox and wolf, they started to play,
Running and chasing under the sun’s bright ray.
Their laughter echoed through the trees,
As they frolicked and danced with the greatest of ease.

As time went on, their friendship grew strong,
Sharing moments and stories, never to go wrong.
The fox and wolf, they were kindred spirits,
With love in their hearts, and joy in their merits.

The fox, he loved the wolf’s sense of humor,
And the wolf admired the fox’s courage and honor.
Their bond became unbreakable, like a chain,
As they realized that their love could never be in vain.

Together they roamed, with joy and delight,
As they explored the woods with all their might.
Their friendship was pure, and never to bend,
As they promised to be friends until the very end.

So let their friendship be a reminder to us all,
That love knows no bounds, and can never fall.
May we all learn from the fox and wolf’s love so true,
And cherish our friendships, as they do too.