• 1 week ago

I had to go to the urologist for a biopsy. The nurse is older but I find her attractive. Before the procedure, I had to lower my shorts so that she could give me an injection into each side of my ass cheeks. I am very submissive but you would never know it. I didn’t just lower my shorts but let them drop to the floor. She not only gave me the injection but a rather semi hard penis. I wanted her to see me. To look at me. She then had me sit on the procedure table where I did without covering up. I slowly placed the paper gown over my penis. Next she had me roll onto my side so that she could insert her finger into my rectum to apply anesthetic. I was in heaven.

After the Dr performed his procedure, she had me stand up, which I did totally nude, to wrap a long paper towel from my navel under my legs and up my back to absorb any fluids. I wish I was erect at this point but was flaccid. She then lifted my shorts up to hold the paper in place.

I would love to do this again.