• 1 week ago

I have a crush on my teacher. This is the FIRST time I had a CRUSH on a teacher. I have a crush on him but not to the point that I would flirt with him so we could be together. I respect him. I admire him. I decided to confess here ’cause I feel like I needed to get it out. I have no one to tell it to. I am afraid they would judge me.

This feeling may be complicated but it’s not. I have no plans on getting in a relationship with him. IT IS JUST AN ADMIRATION.

I have been thinking about confessing to him before this school year ends. You know, I just want him to know that someone appreciates and admires him. He helped me become better than what I am in the past. I’ve been thinking about giving him a portrait of himself as a gift, together with a confessing-and-thank-you letter. Wish me luck!

PS. I am an Arts and Design Student, major in Visual Arts.
PPS. Please do not judge.