• 2 weeks ago

At lunch I realized I had forgotten my purse and headed home to grab it. When I got home, I found the house silent. My husband had said he had a headache and was not going to work. I figured he was in bed, still asleep. My daughter, a university student, had mentioned she didn’t have morning classes so she was probably studying in her bedroom. I tip-toed upstairs as not to disturb my sleeping husband. I knew exactly where my purse was, so I thought I could just grab it and ease the door shut…until I heard noises from the bedroom. They were the sounds of sex. I had never suspected my husband for cheating on me let alone bringing a woman to my house. But what I saw was beyond my imagination; my husband having sex with our daughter! The sight of my daughter and my husband naked on our bed shocked me. Only the previous night, he and I were very intimate on the same bed. What a betrayal! Momentarily, I thought I had gone mad. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. They were both so into their incestuous passion that neither even noticed me. I came back to my senses and backed out. I have invested so much into my marriage that I can’t stand losing everything I have labored for. I chose to stay and ignore everything. I won’t share my ordeal with anyone. I blame myself for being a poor mother but now, as it were, it’s too late. I must learn to accept my daughter as a co-wife.