• 3 weeks ago

Suddenly, my dildo was my son’s cock. My feet curled. My back arched. I gave a low guttural cry as I orgasmed. I felt that wonderful warm blush on my cheeks and breasts. I twisted the dildo inside me, pressing it against the roof of my vagina, squeezing on it. Another orgasm ripped through me, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. Afterward, in an agony of guilt and shame, I put the dildo back into the drawer, and lay back. I felt my cum juices dribbling down my thighs. I don’t know how long it took, but finally falling into an uneasy sleep. I heard a voice, but sleep wouldn’t release me. I must have been dreaming. Someone was calling me, gently shaking my shoulder. In a semi-dream state, my eyes parted slightly. A familiar face was near mine, but sleep had blurred my vision. “Wake up,” the voice was soft but urgent. “You’ve been moaning for hours. Wake up.” I remember mumbling, “Nightmares, terrible dreams.” I felt the sheets being pulled over me. Vaguely I remembered I was nude. “Hold me,” I whispered. I closed my eyes and waited for the embrace. “Please,” I said, reaching out. “Hold me, baby.” Strong arms encircled me and held me tight. His broad chest was against me, warm and strong. I rested my cheek on his shoulder. His hands moved slowly over my back. His touch was light and comforting, his flesh smelled clean with a hint of soap. It was late of course, I wondered what time it was. I stretched, shifting in his arms. My lips sought his. Eyes closed, my lips found his. He stiffened, almost resisting. Then his lips parted, and our tongues met. I moaned as we kissed. A hand cupped my bare breast. A thumb touched my nipple, it stiffened almost immediately. Tingles radiated outward, downward through me. I felt damp warmth between my thighs. His palm covered my breast, closing over the firm orb pulling softly yet urgently. “I’ve wanted this ever since I can remember,” he whispered. “Are you sure?” My mind was a whirl as I said, “I’m yours, my darling, take me.” He knew I was ready. Other times, he would have gone down on me, his tongue driving me wild with need. Or I might have taken his lovely manhood between my lips, until he was desperate for relief. But now, we were both already desperate.

He mounted me carefully. His strong thighs nestled between mine. I spread my legs eagerly, wrapping them around his. His hardness rubbed up and down my slit teasingly. “Please,” I begged, my voice hitching with desire. “Don’t tease me.” I reached down to guide him. My hand closed around the warm thick column of flesh. I felt the prepuce slide down freeing the fat swollen cockhead. It touched my labial lips. It was hot, throbbing. He gave a soft groan as his cockhead parted me, entering me. He paused, as my pussy opened, then clenched tightly around him. I sighed softly. He pushed a little. My wetness made his entry easy as his length filled me, his girth stretching me fully open. And still he entered me, inch by long sensuous inch. I whimpered into his kiss, until his fleshy sack rested firmly against my perineum. He lay motionless atop me, his cock throbbing within me. I tightened my legs about him, clutching his shoulders and pressing his body tightly down on mine. His pubis was pressing on my clit, making me shudder in delight. Each small movement sent a new wave of pleasure rippling through me. He began to withdraw, as slowly as he entered. His lips left mine. He gave a soft sibilant sound as my wet hole tried to close on him, hold him within me. Yet, I felt the exquisite sensation of his emptying me preparatory to filling me again. His lips closed over my stiff aching nipple as his hardness slid into me again. I rolled my hips up, spreading myself as wide as possible. I heard his deep growling sound as he penetrated me again. He was so big, so thick. His cock seemed to impale me, spreading my vagina as his fat cockhead sought my cervix. He suckled and nibbled my breast, his hands gliding over my sides, my waist, my ass, then up again to cup my other breast. His body was taught and hard on mine. Raising himself up on his arms, he began to thrust in earnest. “Oh my god,” I moaned, my voice catching. “Oh my god, darling. Yes. Oh yes.” His proud cock was fully coated with my juices now, sliding effortlessly in and out of my willing wet hole. My vaginal muscles were buttery warm around him. My hands found the round hard globes of his buttock, fingers splaying over him, palms pressing him to me. Finally I opened my eyes.

My son’s face was above mine, eyes closed in sheer sexual abandon. It wasn’t my ex-husband. It was my son fucking me. I gave a strangled cry. His eyes opened. he smiled down at me, and thrust hard. I gasped as the sensation of his hugeness found my wet depths. I pushed on his shoulders, pushing him away. This couldn’t happen. His face came down on mine. Our lips met. Again and again he thrust into me hard. In spite of my horrified shock, my body was betraying me. I could feel the heat building in my belly. My cunt was stretched wide, filled with his magnificent cock. My pussy was embracing his length, caressing it. Inside me, his enormous cock was throbbing. I could feel each pulsating inch of him buried in my wet flesh. His lips brushed my cheeks, moving to my ear. His tongue gently touched my lobe, making me shudder under him in wanton need. My lips parted, but no sound came except a strangled moan. I was so close. So very close to the release my body craved. No, that’s not true. Not just my body. The release I needed, myself as a woman. My hips matched his motions, giving wet slurping noise as he impaled me again and again. The fire in my belly grew intense. The warmth began to spread upward to my breasts. “Oh honey” I cried. “Oh baby, now. Now! Oh god, NOW!” Raising himself on his arms again, he increased his thrusts. My head rolled form side to side. His face strained as he struggled to control himself. A violent thrust, withdrawal, and he thrust again. I went over the edge with a cry. My hips surged upward to receive him, and my orgasm exploded. My cum dew flooded around his throbbing member. Wave after wave of intense pleasure rocked me. My hands raked over his bare back. The first wave passed rapidly, and a second swelled in its place. I cried out as the next orgasm sent my senses reeling. “Oh my god,” my son moaned. His hands grasped my buttocks, as he pounded his cock into my flowing pussy. “Oh my GOD!” His climax erupted within me. His hot sperm spewed into my depths, coating and surrounding his cock with liquid heat. Our cum commingled and trickled out of my labial lips, wetting my thighs and dribbling down my ass. He thrust again, withdrew, and thrust again as his climax spent itself in my welcoming depths. With a loud groan, my son collapsed atop me. We lay entwined, motionless except for our heavy breathing. His sweaty torso was pleasantly heavy atop me, and his still spasming cock was nestled comfortably inside my still convulsing hole. He kissed me again and again and again. He moved his cock slowly inside me, until a third orgasm racked me under him, as intense as the previous two, but milder and satisfyingly slower in ebbing. As consciousness began to fade, I heard him whisper, “You’re mine now.” As I drifted into sleep, I knew it was true.