• 3 weeks ago

Even though it was a nearly a year ago, I remember the day it started like it was yesterday. My mom is beautiful. She is tall with light blonde hair, and my stepdad went out and bought her a nice set of tits. Now she has double D cups. They look so good I can’t help but look at them since they are so different. I was your normal kid growing up and didn’t cause much trouble. My mom spoiled me rotten and we were usually together most days. On this particular morning I woke up and I had a hard-on as big as ever. I went into my morning routine of jacking off. I grabbed my cock and closed my eyes and started thinking about a couple of different girls, when something broke my concentration quickly bringing me back to reality. I stopped moving and laid completely still and quiet. Then I heard it again. It was moaning and whimpering. I suddenly recognized the voice, It was my mom. I heard her talking to my stepdad and I heard him say “Ughhhh, Ohhhh, damn baby, do you like that?” Mom said, “Don’t be so loud, you’re going to wake somebody up.” Now at this point I started to slide my hand up and down my cock imagining my mom. Then I heard my stepdad say, “Shit, If he woke up and heard you, he would probably just listen and jack off. You would like that wouldn’t you, you dirty girl?” There was a moment of silence then mom said, “Yes master, I wish he was in here right now.” Now I wanted to hear things better, so I went to their bedroom door to listen. I started to stroke myself as my stepdad says, “Do you want your own son to slide his cock in your pussy and make you scream baby?” To which my mom replied, “God yes, I wish he was fucking me right now with you watching.” Then my stepdad says, “Why don’t you go check on your son and see if he might need anything?” He told her to walk into my room in that tiny nightie and try to find a way to get me “up.” My mom says, “I’ll just check on him and see.” I panicked and flew back to my room and onto my bed. My blanket was on the other side with no time to grab it, I had nothing to cover up with so I just laid there completely naked. Laying as still as I could, I closed my eyes just as I heard my door open. When my mom opened the door, I heard her gasp as she looked at me naked on my bed. I had to force myself to keep my eyes closed because I wanted to look at her body so bad. Mom walked up to my bed and sat next to me. I heard her say “Look he’s naked and ready for me.” Then my stepdad said, “Do you really think you could handle all of that fat cock?” She replied “Well lets see, shall we?”

Mom moved in closer and ran her fingernail across the head of my cock. My cock twitched violently and hardened even more. Then my stepdad told her to lean over and give my cock a good morning kiss. So she grabbed my hard cock and leaned in and kissed it’s head. I twitched involuntarily, forcing my cock against my own mom’s puckered lips, and letting a low, short moan out. My stepdad says, “I think he liked that honey. Why don’t we try to make a little noise to wake him up?” Then Mom leaned in by my ear and said “Baby? Sugar… wake up so I can give you a surprise.” My stepdad was encouraging my mom as she slowly slid her lips around my shaft. I moaned as he said, “Yeah you horny girl, suck your own son’s cock. You’ve been waiting to do this for a while, so make him love it. Then he says “I’m going to sit back and watch for a while so make my boy enjoy himself.” Then Mom said to me, “Do you like that baby?” I tell her how much I loved it and then she says “Do you want your dad to watch me fuck you?” I say yes and she lays next to me on the bed and spreads her legs. “Come and fuck me then and make me come all over your cock.” I look at my stepdad for his approval, he nods and says “Make her scream for me.” I look at my mom’s pussy and she says “Please fuck me now. I’ve wanted this for a couple of years and I don’t want to wait any more.” I took the head of my cock and rubbed it across her clit. She moaned as I slid my cock along the whole length of her pussy getting her juices all over the head, then I pressed into her warm wetness. She yells “Oh fuck!” as I push in slowly until my cock finally disappears inside of my mother. As I started moving inside my mom’s pussy, I almost came within the first thirty seconds, but I fought It off thank goodness, I wanted this to last. My stepdad says “Fuck your mom, fuck her hard.” I look down at my mom’s smiling face and start picking up the pace. My mom’s pussy squeezed my cock as we fucked, it felt better than I had ever imagined. My mom’s big, firm, fake tits, swaying more and more as I start fucking her harder. “That’s it honey, your cock feels so good, fuck me, fuck my pussy, I’m so close!” my mom nearly screams. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer either and said, “Oh mom, you are so hot and sexy, I love your pussy and I’m going to make you cum!” I yelled. Then the room was only filled with our loud vocal expressions of pleasure and encouragement. “Oh honey, harder, fuck me, fuck me. Oh mom, you feel so fucking good, I love your pussy!” Then my mom started cumming, “Oh honey, oh honey, oh yes, oh God, just like that, fuck…yes, fuck…yes, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” “I’m going to cum too mom, uh, uh, so good, so fucking good, oh mom, oh mom, here I cum, uh, uh, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, UUUUHHHHHHHHHH!!!”