• 4 weeks ago

Visted my boyfriend today . Had lunch . Then sat outside in the sun . He was laying on a beach towel. I was sitting between his open legs . We were talking just about everything. I looked down at him and said has anyone ever touched you before ? He replied no . Then had a worried look on his face . I replied I never touched a guy but I wanna learn . I just stared at him . I looked around making sure no one was around . I reached over and slowly unbuttoned his belt and unzipped his pants . I then pushed his pants open to expose his underwear. I looked at Jim . Then pulling his underwear down and exposing his dick . I gently wrapped my hand around him . Then I asked teach me how to jack you off . He looked at me and said just slide your hand up and down . I gently started sliding my hand up and down . I noticed his dick gotten firm and harder and longer . Few minutes later he looked up and said faster . So I did . He seemed to be enjoying it . I asked I’m I doing this right. He said oh yes. He had this unusual look going on . I asked if he was ok . He replied yes don’t stop . His dick was fully hard . He then moaned I’m going come . He released his sperm went all over and including my hand . His dick was still hard . I looked at him did that feel good . He replied oh yes . My hand never left his cock . I kepted stroking him . Seemed longer the second time . His breathing was much heavier than before . He looked up and said don’t stop . He came again . Looked up and said that was great . I looked at him and said your not stiff anymore. Guess I’ll put your dick back in your pants . Then I wiped my hand off on his jeans .