• 3 weeks ago

Whites are not immigrants and did not take the land by killing ‘natives’ and illegally coming to America. Negros have real need to insult others to cover up their own ignorance and emotional immaturity.

Law is superseded by war and the winner takes the spoils. Jus bellum justum is but only one view on “War Law”. The so-called “natives” are not native. They too came from somewhere else and they made war on other “natives” who were there or who migrated later on. Or do you have a VHS tape of God lowering them down from Heaven and Declaring them to be the Holy and Rightful “Natives” of a particular patch of ground?

Gotta love how you Neanderthals want to turn back the clock and push everyone back to their ‘original’ lands. But you don’t know how far back to turn the clock and you don’t know what the original land was. I await seeing you ship billions of people back to “their original land” to achieve your perverted sense of justice. But it’s nice to focus on the imagined inequities of history so you can avoid any accomplishment in today’s real world.

By the way, not ALL people who came to North America killed the “natives”. Many lived in peace. Some even shared the “native” lifestyle. Try reading some actually historical accounts written at the time instead of watching Cowboy and Indian movies on TV.

Africans did not “build the country on free labor”. Negros were limited to a very few plantations in a few Southern states. That is the only pace they were needed or economically viable. There were ZERO plantations in the North because the soil, climate and growing conditions did not allow for large farms (plantations) or growing cotton and tobacco. Put away your Negro fairy tale books and your uneducated hate and read real historical accounts. The Negros did not labor for free as they were paid with food, clothing, medical care, and other compensation from cradle to grave.

Further the Negros did not build the country since they were limited Geographically to a few plantations and limited to growing a few crops, primarily cotton and tobacco. Despite your fantasies, North America was not built on cotton or tobacco.

North America was built by Titans who were White. The American nation was built by the primary forces of Railroads, Steel, Oil, Electricity and Automobiles. Railroads were started by George Stephenson and built by Thomas Alexander Scott, Cornelius Vanderbilt and a dozen other White men. Steel production was perfected by Andrew Carnegie, who built the first steel bridge across the Mississippi, joining America together. Andrew Carnegie, like most other White men, LEGALLY immigrated to America to build the nation. The oil industry was developed by John D. Rockefeller, who fueled the nation and provided kerosene to light American homes. Electricity was provided by the discoveries of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla’s Alternating Current prevailed over the Direct Current advocated by Edison. Henry Ford was the premiere leader of the automobile industry producing a good product at an affordable price. His automobiles changed how America functioned. All of these men and the many others who were involved were WHITE.

No negros built anything. Negros did not invent railroads, plan them or build them. Negros did not invent steel or a way to mass produce it. Negros did not plan and build steel bridges or buildings. Edison and Tesla, are both WHITE and both legally in the country. Henry Ford was also WHITE, as were the other automobile manufacturers.

So it would be proper if all the negros stopped culturally appropriating the achievements and accomplishments of WHITE people. That would be just about everything: railroads, steel, oil, electricity, automobiles, airplanes (the Wright Brother also WHITE) and etc. Since you so much dislike the WHITES, then you should stop using WHITE products. Let us know how that works out for you!

Now you can go back to your fairy tales and fantasy world. You can write some smug and arrogant reply with rather dimwitted remarks about trailer parks to amuse yourself. Your idiot reply won’t change the facts that America and North America was built by WHITES. I have no more time to waste on you.