• 3 weeks ago

The Nurse stood next to my bed and looked at my cock. She held a square case containing an electronic medical thermometer. She pulled the long thermometer stick probe from its case and slowly wiped it with alcohol. The coiled cord dangled about. Then she reached over and grasp my swollen penis and inserted the thermometer stick down my cock, deeper and deeper. She pushed it all the way in until it disappeared and only the cord remained outside. I could feel the alcohol burn as it was shoved down my shaft. Eventually it beeped and she pulled up on the cord to reveal the tip of that long stick probe embedded in my shaft. She slowly pulled it out and wiped it with alcohol. She smirked and left.

A few minutes later she returned with her Assistant. The young girl grabbed my cock and embedded an alcohol soaked swabbed in my opening. She twisted it as she plunged it inside my shaft, twisting and burning as she pushed it deeper. After she pulled out the alcohol swab, she took the thermometer stick probe and shoved it down my throbbing cock. She worked it down in deep, just as the Nurse had done and I felt the burning alcohol. The Nurse watched and remarked that it was important to get a second reading for accuracy. Finally it beeped. The Assistant pulled on the cord but then pushed it back in and I could feel the probe going deeper. I felt the alcohol burning in a deeper area. The Assistant looked at me for a reaction as she smirked. She twirled the cord as she pulled up on the probe. She taunted me by pushing it back down my shaft again, even deeper. She watched me each time for my reaction. Finally she pulled it all the way out.

Then she slowly wiped it down with alcohol. As she looked at my sore cock she said, “I’ll be back to check on that thing”.