• 3 weeks ago

At the age of 10 to 12 I served as Altar Boy and used to play with the Friar
Fathers and Brothers in the monastery. One Brother used to give chocolates and

told me if you want more I can take it from his pocket. I put my hand into his

pocket and found it was torn. He caught hold of my hand in the torn pocket and

guided my hand to his almost erect Cock. He was not wearing anything underneath

his clock. Though initially shocked I caught hold of his erect penis laughing

and started to shake it. He told me to follow him to his room and once in the

room he made me undress and he too got naked. First time I saw a grown up man’s

Cock. While standing it was in a 90 degree position with a mushrooming pink

head. He had a strong hairy body. He told me to kneel down and such his cock.

I obliged. It was too big for my mouth. He then told me to stand up and he

stroked by small erect cock. He sucked my cock and showed me how to pull back

the foreskin and masturbate and eat his cum. But he was good enough not to fuck

my ass. For two three years we continued the sucking relation till he got

transferred to some other monastery.