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I handed Darcie her fresh drink. “Thanks.” “Did I miss anything?” Sitting beside her on the couch. “I paused it silly, you saw me.” We grinned at each other. “Yea, just kidding.” She leaned way over to bump me with her shoulder, restarted “Wonder Woman” and ate some popcorn. We had watched it last week. We both really liked it but she loved it so I gave in to her to watch it again. Maybe 10 minutes later she paused the movie again saying “Sorry, I’ve gotta go to the bathroom.” She hadn’t noticed yet that I had my dick lying on my thigh out of the leg of my shorts. It was kind of hiding behind the bowl of popcorn we shared.
“Woah!” almost laughing as she said, “You really do think she’s pretty don’t you!” With a giggle. “What? her?” pointing to the big flat screen. “Yea why?, we talked about her the last time we watched it.” “No I mean you must really really like her from what I can see!” She was standing beside me now. I played confused. “What are you talking about Darcie?” She pointed at my dick with another little giggle and I could feel that I was starting to get aroused again. I was when I first pulled it out. “Woah!!” I acted startled and took a couple extra seconds to hold it, wag it around as I stood, and adjust my shorts to get it out of sight. She was enjoying herself. Her big smile, gentle laugh, and her extra wide eyes telling me so. She brushed off my apology looking me over. “I’ve seen guys before it’s no big deal” she said turning and leaving the room. I guess it was casual. I didn’t think she thought I flashed her intentionally. She was an attractive girl, she had only turned 14, and we had known each other for 2 whole weeks. I wondered how many guys she might have seen at 14 years old. “Sorry about that” I said as she came back into the room. She played it off again then said, “It was an accident. At least you weren’t playing with it like that other guy.” “Huh, whattaya mean “That other guy?” She told me that about a month ago some perv was in the park looking at her, playing with his dick, talking really dirty stuff. It had scared the crap out of her. The movie somewhat forgotten, we talked. It was actually the only dick she had seen. The next day we were hanging out on my side of the duplex and she surprised me by making a shy move on me first. She knew full well that I was 24 and said that she didn’t care about that. She liked me a lot and had never really kissed anybody before.
We made out some and I made her write a note she believed would keep me out of trouble if the wrong person found out. She promised that no one would. We were together for almost a year when they moved to Houston. I had moved into my new place by then nd was surprised when she showed up unannounced a month later.