• 4 weeks ago

Mom came home unexpectedly and found me fucking her younger sister doggy style. I was really going to town and Aunt Patty was getting her come very, very loudly, which is why we hadn’t heard her come in. I panicked for a split second but kept pounding her nice body. After half a minute of watching us silently she closed the door as she left seeing that I wasn’t going to stop. Aunt Pat was a good looking girl of 40 or 41 and kept her lithe figure tone. Divorced for a year plus with a 14 year old daughter Mary. She told me that she hadn’t been with a man since. My mom at 45 was also attractive, with me being the middle of three kids, the others being my sisters. I was 16 and kind of a girl magnet. Iv’e never been without a GF since I was 13. Patty collapsed onto her belly when she thought I had finished but I gave her another 7 or 10 minutes and came again. She had no idea that her sister had seen us.
She gave such a sweet school girlish giggle, kissed me and went to my shower complaining of weak legs. I was glad that she had moved into town to be closer to her parents.

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