• 2 months ago

I never head for the hills with you. You can find me. Dont make me say it again how to….

I never head for the hills. I back off amd wait, and hope you see me or are watching and I wish you would damn well just talk to me if you do. I would if I knew where.

I have absolutely nothing to hide from you and nothing as far as asshole people who can really put their 2 cents into what we are, aren’t or could be. Road blocks. I ditch people who get in the way of or sabotage, or lets race it even pry enough to know about things that are as important to me. I do not tollerate that shit.

You on the other hand, have a lot of people who are not exactly for us and you enable them, and dont seem to set them straight or put them in their place.

I think about you every day lately, but Im essentially powerless and honestly when have I ever been an asshole to you? I mean a serious asshole intentionally directed at you. Me not being happy with you arming people, who use it to be assholes to me in some way or another, doesnt count. You really are something to me, you still are and I honestly believed I was the same to you, but lately I’m questioning if I feel this way for someone who hates me for some reason. I dont know, and I know I’m not an angel when it comes to other people, maybe even people you are close to, so if you do hate me, I guess I cant blame you. I did what I had to do, without knowing you were there, but that all comes back to speaking up to me. Im blind and at the time, I was a cornered animal. Thats not me though under normal circumstances and it certainly isnt me when it comes to you.

I keep thinking about all tbose years ago, the first year we knew each other, me realizing I really like you, acting like a goof to make you laugh. Dumb faces that kimd of thing. I did it too 🙂 it worked. All my attempts to gwt near you or to say hi. I was crazy for you, and I was a sweet kid about it too. You know that Justin Beiber song 10,000 hrs? I remember being that. Is your name because of your birthday? When is your birthday? I can go on and on and you know what? I remember it all to this day. All of it. I asked, listened and took it all in because I wanted to know.

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