• 1 week ago

Boring staying home these last couple months with not much interaction with others. I am a single male living by myself. Today, the lawn service was out to cut the grass and it was a couple of guys I never saw before…I caught their attention and waved…they waved back. I watched them as they cut my lawn. When they got done they rang my bell to drop off the bill and asked if I had any concerns about the service today. I said no ,but since it was pretty hot outside would they like something cold to drink…they both said ok and I invited them in. Got them each a cold pop and just started talking. Pretty normal conversation until one guy asked if I was up to having some fun? Without really thinking, I said sure I have been cooped up here by myself for a long time. With that the other guy asked would I be willing to do them both? It took a minute for me to process his statement….I replied with “oh, I think you guys got the wrong idea as I wasn’t going in that direction.” Though I will admit it was an interesting idea even though I have never had sex with a man. At this point, they both moved towards me yet I didn’t move. One of the guys sort of rubbed my shoulders as the other one began taking off my shirt…I didn’t stop them. Slowly, they both began to take off my clothes. It was very exciting what was happening. Eventually I was standing naked in front of my lawn guys. All I could say is “I’ll do whatever you want just direct me. I was instructed to get their clothes off of them and then to get on my knees…I did as directed. At this point one of the guys stood in front of me and directed me into giving him head. Don’t know why I was doing this, but it felt good. After a while he shot in my mouth and down my throat. Now it was the next guys turn. He asked if I needed direct…I said no, I got this and proceeded to lick and suck him off like crazy. He finished pretty quick,had me lick him clean. No words were spoken after and they got dressed as I stayed on my knees. They then left and said ” see you next week” ; I replied “I hope so”

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