• 2 months ago

I told my husband I wanted a divorce and then slept with my guy best friend. There was sexual tension between us for months. Glad I got it our of my system and it’s not super awkward between us. He’s the fourth guy I’ve kissed. I’d only ever had sex with my husband before the other night. And my best friend had slept with at least ten other girls before me. Technically we didn’t even have sex because he came right before he went in me. Which I’m a little proud of because yeah I’m hot af. It’s weird he knows what I sound like and what I look like when I orgasm. And it’s weird I know what his dick feels like and looks like. Literally have never seen a circumsized dick before that. And we kissed a lot. Obviously I can’t tell anyone because 1. I cheated on my husband even though we are splitting up and 2. All my friends go to school with my best friend and I.
I’m good in bed and thats feeding my ego. Which is weird af. I want out of my marriage and to make a tinder and be a little hoe for a bit.

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