• 2 weeks ago

When he reached over I thought he was just going to grab my hand and put it right on his dick. Instead, he held my hand and gently rubbed it with his thumb because he knew I was nervous. When I relaxed my grip a bit he brought my hand under the covers and placed it on his dick. He was already a little hard. I soon gathered my nerve and said that I wanted to try sucking his dick. This fucking gentleman never touched the back of my head or neck once so I really liked it. First time he came I gagged a bit (I hope he was too busy to notice) but the second time I was more prepared to swallow. I found myself checking his expression a lot. The little smile, small groans and closed eyes just made me want to keep going. I was embarrassed when he’d catch me but he’s got a great smile. I wish we didn’t have to wait a week to do it again. Lust is a hell of a drug.

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