• 7 months ago

Going to London’s ‘Extinction Rebellion’ movements. The people were lovely and just chatted with you about anything, had a laugh, cooked, done karaoke in Trafalgar square, face painting and allowed people to see what they were doing to alert others in a peaceful manner. I’m glad to say I went and joined in on the activities and am glad to say I’m now part of them. They never forced anything onto you which I found relieving because everything is so forced directly at you.

I’d say the only down part was random people who didn’t even care for the campaign just claimed they were part of it in order to create an excuse for fighting random officers, jumping off bus stops, running into roads and blocking travel despite not supporting the whole reason behind the protest. Just putting a bad reputation out for the rebellion.

But I’m now proud/ happy to say I support them and that I am part of the organisation x

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