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I was with my besty and few others for lunch. During lunch. One said hey its been what 8 months since your divorce ? And asked if I returned back to the dating scene. I giggled with a reply . One said you need to get out there and enjoy life. We’er giving you two weeks are we will find you a date . My reply oh gee thanks . Guess what ? Sure enough they found me a date . Then I learn he’s about old enough to be my father. Going though my mind Oh this is going to be fun ! Big night came. Dinner ( with a few much needed drinks ) and a movie. On the way home I’m thinking Great guy but will he be my first since my divorce ? On the way home he asked how about just one drink for a nightcap? I replied sure. While talking more one drink became three for me. Then on the way home. He walked me up to the house. Gave me a hug and kissed me . Well that sealed the deal. I wanna have lots of sex . But then just remembered I asked the baby sitter to stay the night. And I told him it would be nice but there’s a slight problem . He thought for a second and said how about a nice hotel with a breakfast . And have you back in time. I’m thinking the last time for Hotel sex ? I smiled and said lets go. Off we went. Found a room . Just about the time the door closed . Both of us were pulling our clothes off and jumping into the bed. Kissing , foundling each other . Then I invited him to get on top because I was past ready . After 10 / 15 minutes I felt him slide out . I said We didn’t release yet ? What gives ? He looked up and said relax . He slid down and started sucking on my clit . I moaned oh god don’t stop ! I released all over his face . He then returned and slid his dick back in me. I felt naughty and said Daddy going to fuck me some more . And he did ! And it felt great. He finally released . He then said He’ll be back in a few minutes. I asked where you going ? Then I found out . He once again went down on me . Licking and sucking on my clit . I then told him no one ever done this to me during or after fucking me. It was a FIRST ! We finally went to sleep . The next morning I woke him up with a blow job, then mounting him and rode his dick until he came. Oh by the way I’ve given a many blow jobs in the past . But My x hubby never received a morning blow job . But then again he never licked my pussy during or afterwards.

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