• 8 months ago

How common this is I am not sure. I am a straight male. That said, I have over the years I have had thoughts or fantasy of sucking on another mans cock. Never to the point of following through with it. Many guys at some point in life, have attempted to suck their own cock or thought of it.
Once again how common this is I am not sure.

I had an experience last night, while masturbating, of a strong urge to suck my own cock. I am not that flexible, and was in bed and tried putting my legs behind my head and was very close to being able to put my cock in my mouth.

After a quick google search, I read of a method which is to try on a hard surface , not a bed.
After following some of these suggestions, I was shocked.
It did not take that long, but for the first time, in this position, my cock was close enough to my mouth, that I could lick the head of my cock. OMG it felt amazing. It was not easy and had to have brakes, as the bending was not that easy.

After a few more attempts and stetches, I somehow , got into a position, in which my cock was so close to my mouth, I was able to put my mouth around the head of my cock and suck on my knob and I got so hard and pre-cum was just flowing.

Once I relaxed more and more , it was not long until, I almost had my entire cock in my mouth. The more I got turned on and harder I got, the easier it seemed to be to suck my self the entire length of my shaft.

I have tried to cum in my mouth in the past, but not that keen on the taste, after you cum, and not aroused anymore. But last night, I had my cock so deep in my mouth and the more I sucked on it, the deeper it went down my mouth it was amazing. I did not rush this, I was just slowly sucking my own cock and it was the best feeling ever. I could feel I was going to have the most intense orgasm of my life. I could not handle it anymore and as I was about to cum, I thrust, my cock as deep as I could I had the entire length of my cock in my mouth and was giving myself the best blowjob I have ever had. I exploded and cum with so much intensity I never ! Have experienced.
The taste was not an issue, as my cock was so deep down my throat , the cum just flowed and pumped down my throat. I had cum just flowing down my throat , when I thought I had finished cumming, my cock just keep pumping more and more cum , like multiple orgasms.
I can not wait to do it again !

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