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I’m a single mom of two children. Couple years ago After my divorce, decided to return to Church and bible study where I was raised at. Seamed like I never left. And attended the churches activities. I meet some couples and single people. I was introduced to an older gentleman that I enjoyed being with . After about 3 months he asked me out and I refused. Told him I would only see him at church and events. Few more months down the road I let my guard down and asked him over after a church bible study for dinner. Even had my parents watch the kids. Just us. We enjoyed dinner , fired up the fireplace and watched a movie. Everything was going incredible well. During the movie he made a pass. I was and wasn’t ready . Its been over two years and I wasn’t sure. He sat down in front of me and started kissing my stomach and making his way between my thighs. Gently kissing and applying his tongue. I gave a slight oh my . He looked up and asked if that was hurting . I replied no , only thing is that I’m not used to that experience. Told him even my husband never went down there before. I honestly told him it really felt great. He then returned back and started kissing and even ran his tongue up and down the length of my outer pussy. After few minutes Told him to stop for a second. I pulled my pants and underwear off . And told him to return and start licking me again . And he did. Felt a tongue on my bare pussy for the first time. I released and moaned oh god don’t stop. I held his head in place . He returned licking on my very wet pussy. He made me release again. I then just rested in the chair and thought what i was missing out on during my first marriage.

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