• 7 months ago

Just another Wednesday night out. Wasn’t planning anything different. I party with one of the guys from work. Showed up normal time. His wife answers the door and lets me in. Asked where’s Greg ? She reply in bedroom and passed out. She said lets not ruin the evening. Lets watch the hockey game and get stoned. Maybe we can catch up with Greg in a laughing tone of voice. After the second period we’er both feeling pretty good. She looks over and says lets fuck ! Feeling little about this nervous. I’m only 17 she’s in her 40’s. She said hey I’m not asking again I’m horny and I need a fuck. I then replied ok . She took me off to their spare bed room. Removed her clothing then helped me out of mine. She then dropped to her knees and starting sucking on my dick. Few minutes later we were in bed and I mounted her. She wrapped her legs around me while I started my thrusting. Pushing back on the hard dick. I came inside her . She asked if I enjoyed it. I replied god yes. She said fuck me again . I thrusted away finally she moaned and said god fuck me hard . Finally I released again and rested on top of her. She held me and whispered you can come back anytime. I plan to .

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