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When I was a junior in high school I had not lost my virginity like most of my friends. I had made out lots of times but never let anyone touch me below the waist. I wasn’t dating anyone steady which was another reason I hadn’t gone any further. After school started that year one guy who I had a crush on finally ask me out. After we went to a movie we parked at one of the favorite place kids from our school went to make out. We started out kissing then he unbuttoned my blouse playing with my tit. I had let guys do that before but he was playing with the nipple which got me really horny. We were kissing when he stopped then I felt his hand starting up my leg. I said “Whoa I don’t do that” but he touched me on the outside of my panties and chills went all over me. Before I could say anything else he had his hand in my panties running his finger in me. He knew exactly what to do getting me a really wet mess down there. It felt so good I just relaxed as he worked it as we were kissing finally getting me so excited I told him I wanted the real thing. Of course he wasted no time getting himself out laying me down in the seat taking my virginity. When he came in me my whole body shook and I broke out in a cold sweat. I just knew I would get pregnant but I was very lucky and did not.

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