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24 years old
Got married four years ago
From my experience i would suggest people to not get married if you kbow him for just few months orva year.You gotta have to spend atleast 4-5-10 years before marrying someone.Because its gonna write your entire life.Everything changes after marriage,atleast for me it did.I left my friends,family and the entire whole world for this single person but it wasnt worth it.I have wasted all my 4 years to this person.Just four years bacl i remember that i was happy and contended,i wasnt sad about anything.Today i am unhaply,have hell lot of grudges,bitterness and hopelessness i can’t even imagine.I am constantly feeling that my life is falling apart and i will never ever gonna be able to get up.I am stuck.I dont know how to get up and be free.I want someone to save me.Even my parents are helpless.The only way to be free is to die.

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