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To the bad Muslim girl:

Young woman you must ignore the heathen infidels who write their foul comments and defy Islam. It is the duty of a woman to provide pleasure for her husband and to produce children. The stimulation that you experience by masturbation is to be confined only to marriage from intercourse with your husband. That is why Islam honors women and liberates them from this temptation with the traditional procedure. You would not have this problem if you had followed the tradition.

Your father did the correct thing but was too easy with you. As you know, he should have continued to spank and inspect you.

You should ask your father for his guidance and assistance to help you be virtuous. His oversight will assist you, as you already understand. Implore him to continue the discipline to avoid your undesirable behavior.

You have disappointed your parents and tell him that you don’t want that to happen again. Praise be to Allah.

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