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Most of my friends had lost their virginity by the time we started our junior year of high school. I hadn’t dated anyone steady prefering to play the field so I had kept mine intact. My sixteenth birthday was in October so my friends began putting pressure on me to loose it on my birthday. After lots of back and forth discussions I made the decision to do it. I picked a certain guy I wanted for my first time planning it for the day of my birthday at my party. That evening everything went as planned so after we celebrated my birthday the guy and I left the others in the family room heading to the bedroom. It was kinda embarrassing undressing in front of him but once we were in bed I calmed down. Nobody had ever gotten to second base with me with only a couple even getting to play with my tits. We kissed for a while as he played with my tit’s then he started fingering me which again was a little embarrassing but good. I didn’t know what to expect but soon he had me pretty excited telling me he thought I was ready. He put a condom on then got on top of me. While he was fingering me he had mentioned how tight I was then when he tried going in me he was having trouble. He said I needed some more lubrication so he got some hand lotion and used it on me. When he tried again it hurt a little but he took his time finally being able to get all the way in. He took his time to make sure I enjoyed it then he told me to get ready he he was going to come. When he did my whole body shook then just went limp. When I finally caught my breath I told him I hadn’t expected that but it was awesome. Then he told me it was because I had been so tight that the condom broken so he came in me. He didn’t stop because he didn’t have another one and wanted to make sure I got my birhtday wish. We didn’t tell anyone what had happen but they found out a couple of weeks later when I got my second unexpected birthday present when I didn’t start because I got knocked up. After some thought I decided to have the baby then gave it up for adoption.

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