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When I was 13 I was a scrawny freckled little readhead. I probably weighed 90 pounds soaking wet. Despite that I was pretty popular with the boys. At the few parties I had gone to I was always able to hook up with someone. One of my so-called friends was always very jealous of that. She knew I had made out some by french kissing and letting a couple of guys play with my very small tits but nothing else. She had a black friend who was handsome which she told me was interested in dating me. After I chatted with him several times and with her pushing the issue I finally agreed to go out with him if it was kept quite since I wasn’t allowed to go on dates yet. On a Saturday evening I told my parents I was going to a movie at the mall with friends so I could meet up with him. Knowing we couldn’t be seen out he had arranged for us to go to his cousins house. After we got there his cousin and his wife went out for the evening. We watched TV for a while then started making out. We kissed for a while before he unbuttoned my blouse playing with my tits. After a few minutes he eased me back on the sofa getting on top of me. When he started to run his hand up my skirt I didn’t say anything. Being a first for that it didn’t take long for me to be a wet mess and extreemly excited. When he ask if I would have sex with him I didn’t answer only asking if he had a condom. He had come prepared so off to the bedroom we went. I was embarrassed taking my clothes off because I was so tiny but he commented that he liked my body which relaxed me. After some more playing he put the condom on then slowly worked his way in me. We did it for several minutes of great sex then he told me he was about to get off. I could feel him throbbing inside me which was awesome. When he was finished he stayed hard so he kept working it then my body started to quiver breaking out in a sweat When he finally pulled out and as I got up he smacked me on the butt and said what I thought was “Good luck””. I wasn’t sure so I ask then he said “Good F__k”. We got dressed then he walked me back to near my house. The next Monday at school another of my friends told me we needed to talk. So we got together later after school. I was shacked when she told me she had heard my other so-called friend had told the guy to try to impregnate me. I told her he had used a condom then she told me she heard he had split the end so it would leak in me. I freaked thinking back about how after he stayed in me that my body had quiver which was probably its reaction to his sperm. The next day I confronted him with what I had been told. He arrogantly said “Yep, I seeded ya Babe.” Good luck !!!” then walked off. For the next couple of weeks I was a so afraid he had accomplished what my so-called friend had wanted. I was a day or two late which made it doubly bad but my period finally came…..what a relief that was.

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