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When I was 17 most of my friends had lost their virginity so I decide I wanted to. I didn’t have a steady boyfriend at the time but had several guy friends. One guy had given me lots of attention giving me the nicknamed Lil Red because I am very petite with red hair so I thought he would be a good choice. I went out of my way to get him to ask me out so he finally took the hint. He took me to dinner then we ended up at one of his friends house. It ended up just me and four guys. After a couple of beers I hinted to my guy that I was interested in sex so we ened up in the bedroom doing it. I was just getting to really enjoying it when he got off so I was not satisfied. When I told him I wanted more he told one of the other guys who wanted it. That got me so horny I ened up having sex with all four of them before it was over. The last guy didn’t have a condom so when he came I did too which was dangerous but awesome. The next day I was so sore I could hardly walk. I had to lie to my mom telling her I had slipped while riding my bike hurting myself. Although I told my friends that I had finally lost my virginity I never told them about doing four guy the same night.

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