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I recently lost my virginity in April to a frat guy at a frat party (I’m a freshman in college) and it was pretty wild. We were bumping and grinding to music at the party when he asked me if I wanted to fuck and with me being really horny at the time and my hormones in overdrive said yes. So he took me to his room to fuck and when we got there my best friend was having sex with another frat guy in one of the beds in the room. So we shrugged at each other (I was so horny that I still wanted to fuck) and went and laid down on another bed in the room where he proceeded to take my V-Card and it makes me kind of hot to think about how I was deflowered on a bed next to my best friend while she was also getting laid. Frat guy (I don’t remember his name lol) needed a condom before he gave me my first dick inside my pussy because he didn’t have one and my best friend took one out of her purse and gave it to him, so that I could get laid she’s awesome lol. Anyway, that was my first time having sex and it was a wild but really great experience. Not only did I get laid for the first time on a bed in the same room that my best friend was hooking up but she also provided the guy the condom that he needed to fuck me. Best friends for life!

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