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so I had a 3some this weekend with a married couple I came across on doublelist. Mid 40’s same as me. I was supposed to eat her out while he watched and gave me head. She is straight he is bi. So I was playing with her, sucking her titts and fingering her and then I went down on her while he was watching it all and playing with his smaller than average dick. I had been licking her for a few minutes and he started licking my asshole. If was freaky. I never had my ass licked before, let alone by a guy. I am not gay or bi, but I do like sex and will let a guy suck me once in a while. The more his wife was enjoying my oral skills, the more he was into eating my ass. Then he put a finger in and I let it happen. I was enjoying it. I all of a sudden felt his cock against my asshole and I thought ok I will let him rub it against me if he likes it. It felt good, but then it started slowly sliding in. I let it happen and it was not bad. It didn’t really hurt like I thought it would. Probably because he is hung like a hamster, but it felt good when he got it all the way in and was fucking me. I actually came from him doing it. Later on, I got to fuck his wife before I left and she really enjoyed having me inside her because I am above average in size, but it is blowing my mind how good it was being fucked by him. I am not gay or bi. I am not attracted to men at all. I just wanted to enjoy his wife’s pussy and maybe get a BJ from him, but I never expected this to happen. I lost my anal cherry and am OK with it. Her pussy was amazing as well and made it all worth it. I don’t know if I will ever hear from them again though. She freaked out because I came inside of her and she’s not on the pill or anything like that. I am pretty confused from it all. I swore I would never let a guy fuck me but in the heat of the moment, it happened and it felt great. Good enough to make me cum. Cumming inside of her felt even better, but now she is scared to death that I knocked her up. I told her I was fixed but she didn’t believe me. I just hope they will want to play again. As long as he lets me have her pussy, he can have my add as much as he wants. Even trade.

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  • Maybe if she’s not preggo and you’re honestly fixed they’ll want to see you again. Sounds hot,e xcept for the small cock, but nice that you don’t have to get your ass plowed by a huge one. Sounds like she’s hot to

    Anonymous May 13, 2019 5:47 pm Reply
  • Lucky guy indeed. Continue with this relationship and go on enjoying her pussy. Real guy eats pussy (does not matter whether being fucked in the ass by her hubby!).

    Anonymous May 14, 2019 4:18 am Reply

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