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When I was a little boy my mom would drop me at the library downtown. I posted previously about meeting Jack in the basement men’s room of the public library downtown where I grew up after seeing a note in the graffiti on the stalls. Being 9 or 10, I was fascinated by the drawings of cocks, invitations for blowjobs, and that “Be here at 2pm” was too enticing for me to resist. He discovered me waiting, a very tall stocky (almost) handsome man in his late 30s/early 40s. I helped him to piss at his invitation, by unzipping his pants and pulling them down, and then holding his cock to aim the piss stream into the toilet. It was very exciting, but I knew my mom would be there to pick me up soon and had to go. He asked me to meet him earlier the next day, and also to keep what we did a secret – I agreed.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened so had a very long night of anticipation. Jack was on my mind all night – thinking about how big he was, the sound of his laugh, the sight of his thick black pubes, how thick his cut cock was (I was uncut and had never seen a cut cock until then), his big balls…most especially couldn’t stop thinking about how it felt to hold his fat cock while he pissed, his deep voice encouraging me to hold the stream in the middle of the toilet. I had trouble falling asleep wondering if he would actually show up at the library again. I had the electric tingles all over me.

The next day I immediately started pestering my mom to take me to the library but she wouldn’t – she didn’t have to clean any houses until right before lunch so I had to wait. She thought I was eager to read – I did love reading, but that wasn’t why I wanted to go so badly, though I couldn’t tell her that. She finally dropped me off, saying it would probably be around 4-4:30 when she picked me up. I had the forethought to tell her that if I got bored at the library I might wander around downtown a little – just in case – but that I’d be in front of the library at 4. I didn’t go inside the library though – I took the steps next to the library where the public access restrooms were, though I didn’t expect Jack until 1pm.

While I waited, I saw on the toilet and read the graffiti…studied the drawings of cocks and balls. My mind was opening now that I’d met Jack, and I wondered how many men met here, what they did together, etc. I realized a lot of men must have wandered through, judging by all the different handwriting. I even morbidly went through the trash – gross, I know but I was young and stupid and very, very curious. I found a few used rubbers…some dry, some still a little wet containing what I knew must be cum. Everything I knew was from what I’d gleaned from reading and overhearing classmates talk – but didn’t have any actual experience of it, so it was all mysterious and exciting.

My heart leaped when I heard the basement entrance open, so I ran into the stall and locked it. Then the men’s room door opened, and someone knocked on the stall door. “Is that you, little bud?” Jack’s deep voice made me excited, and I unlocked so that he could enter and close it. “You here to help me piss again?” I said that I was, and as he asked me to do the day before, I unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down to his ankles. He told me I might need to loosen it up again and told me to milk it a little so I complied, loving holding his fat soft cock and watching his large balls jiggle while I stretched his cock. When he said he was ready I carefully aimed his cock at the bowl, and loved seeing the strong jet of piss flow and the sound of it strongly churning up the water. When the flow stopped he asked me to milk it more and to shake it off for him.

While I was milking his cock and shaking it grew in my hand until I couldn’t close my fingers around the shaft, to full erection. His cock was curved upward quite a lot, very smooth and beautiful. He wrapped an arm around me and told me what a good job I was going…sighing and saying how great it felt. He asked me if I liked helping him with his cock and of course I said “yes, sir!” He laughed at that and ruffled my hair, and said he was going to get comfortable then. He sat on the toilet and pulled me over to his side, keeping an arm wrapped around me – I put an arm around his neck and reached down to stroke his hard cock, jacking it slowly and enjoying his scent. I realized the oil he used on his hair was the same my dad used.

He moaned and grunted while I worked on his cock, gasping now and then. I was enjoying his thick cock and especially his directions telling me what to do, to grip harder or softer…to reach down further and play with his large dangling balls, which was also amazing…they felt so heavy and rolled around easily in my hands…sometimes he’d ask him to wrap my hand around the sac and pull gently. I asked him about this clear fluid that was appearing on his cock at the piss slit, and he explained that it was pre-cum, and it meant that I was doing an amazing job making him feel good. I was lost in sensations…the feel of his cock and balls in my hands….feeling his shoulder muscles flex, feeling his arm around me rubbing my lower back and asscheek, the smell of his scent…the sounds of his heavy breathing, gutteral moans and gasps.

We both were shocked when we heard the public entrance of the basement open, and he told me to jump into his lap and to remain quiet no matter what. The men’s room door opened and someone pulled on the stall door. Jack barked “sorry occupied..it’s gonna be awhile!” The man didn’t reply, just moved over to the urinal and Jack and I listened to him piss, then wash his hands. Jack was patting my back gently while we listened, squeezing me now and then to reassure me. We both sighed in relief when we heard the entrance door open and close again. “Shew that was a close call. We have to be really careful doing this because we could both get into a LOT of trouble, little buddy!” I agreed, though I didn’t really understand what we were doing wrong.

He scooted me off of his lap and stood up also, his cock had gotten soft but there was a string of precum hanging off the tip. Jack asked me if I’d like to taste it as he caught it. I said yes, curious, and opened my mouth for him to insert his finger. It was salty, a little sweet also. I told him it tasted good so he told me to stroke his cock some more, and to lick the head while I did. I complied. He got hard again very quickly and I was amazed how much large it was hard. I continued to lick the head as more precum appeared and he was soon leaning against the stall wall gasping and moaning again. He whispered directions to me…asking me to grip harder or softer and to put the head of his cock inside my mouth while I stroked him. I loved feeling his fat cock head throb and thicken in reaction to what I was doing. He was breathing very heavy by now, and held my head in his hand, slighty moving it back and forth off his cock head.

“I’m about to cum, little buddy…keep stroking but stand up next to me. He pulled me against his side and squeezed me while I jacked his cock. He was rigid now and suddenly it felt like his whole body was as rigid as his cock. His head was back and his eyes squeezed shut …mouth grimacing almost like he was in pain when he told me to watch his cock and keep stroking. A few moments later and his cock was spraying ropes of cum onto the floor…making splattering sounds as it landed. The last of his load dribbled out onto my hands, into his black bush, and drooled onto his balls while I continued to milk.

His grip relaxed around me eventually and his cock softened. He leaned down to kiss my on the forehead and ruffled by hair. “Wow, little buddy that was amazing! You did such a great job for me.” He waddled out of the stall and pulled me along to the sink and told me to wash my hands, then asked me to clean the cum off of him. He squeezed the back of my neck while I worked, telling me how much he appreciated it. He pulled his pants up and made himself presentable again, then ran a comb through his oiled hair and then through mine a little.

We chatted some while he primped, and he asked me when mom was going to pick me up. After he discovered it would still be quite awhile since she’d come, he asked if I wanted to go have a milkshake down the street – of course I said yes. We exited the basement onto the street and walked downtown with his arm wrapped around my shoulder. He told me that if anyone spoke to us, I should refer to him as “Daddy.” I agreed to that, wildly happy over the prospect.

We chatted alot at the little cafe over milkshakes, with him asking me questions about what I liked to do for fun, about my family, etc. I felt so important having an adult talk to me and ask questions and actually listen. He made jokes and laughed – so did I. I was sad when he said he needed to go, and told him so as he walked me back to the library. I asked him if he would come again tomorrow and was thrilled when he said that he’d be there at the same time, maybe a little later. He hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead before leaving, telling me to be good. I walked into the library and spent the remaining time doing a little reading, but mostly thinking about Jack.

More to come if anyone is interested. Be kind.

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  • I was hoping this would end with…so when I grew up I found him and killed him. 😣

    Anonymous March 14, 2019 8:48 pm Reply
    • God no. Jack was great..more coming soon if you’re interested.

      Anonymous March 14, 2019 9:20 pm Reply
      • Fuck yes, more please

        Anonymous March 14, 2019 10:49 pm Reply

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