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I’ll confess, I like to be farted on- by women only please… I only experienced this once- way back in the summer of 96. I was 31, she was 30. She was cute- tall- 5’10” curvy- nice boobs, a little extra junk in the ass and thighs- not much- just a little- She had long curly dark brown hair, big dark brown eyes, mediteranean looking. We fucked on our third date- She asked what turns me on, I was honest- I told her- I wanted her to fart in my face. She didn’t seem terribly shocked- laughed and said, “that’s something you try to avoid doing , not something you want to do”- but she got it. The next time we were in bed she prepared before hand (if you know what I mean), I asked her to put black panties on. I asked to lay on her side- I pressed my nose in between her butt cheeks, she asked me again “are you sure you want me to do this?” I said yes. She grabbed the back of my head my nose was dead center against the outline of her butt hole- she still had her panties on she let out one long and two short farts- it had a very deep resonating tone. It really stank- Kind of like intense sharp tender. She turned around and smiled, and we fucked passionately. We parted ways eventually. i never did that again.. Not sure if I grew out of it or if it satisfied my curiousity

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