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I was at the porn shop looking around and this man came over and he asked me if I was gay or bi. I told him that I was bo. Then he asked me if I would like to play around with him. I said sure. Then he asked if I could play with him 8 front of the family. I said sure. He tells me that.his kids and wife would. Then he said one of the others would probably have sex with me too. The 14 year old took me into her bedroom and tells me to join her on her bed. I leaned over and I start kissing her first. That’s when Mom Dad and the better come into the bedroom and then we’ll sit down and we start watching us. I start fingering her and then she laid down and opened up her legs and we started fucking. She tells me to cum inside her. So I did. Then her mother took me by the hand and we went into her room. She pulled down the covers and told me to get in bed with her. She started such on me and I was first fingerings her. She pushes me down and gets on top of me and starts fucking me. We stayed in the bedroom all night long by ourselfs. She asked me if I liked her better than her husband. I said yes.

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