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Well, we finally had sex last night. I’m the person whose neighbor is a sex offender and have written for advice on here in the past.
He was actually quite good and I enjoyed every minute of it. At first, he was scared. I held him as he told me his fear of being falsely accused of a sex crime. Apparently some woman he was in a relationship with a few years back, threatened to falsely accuse him after sex. That was his biggest fear. How can people be so cruel sometimes?
Anyhow, we cuddled all night and he fell asleep with his head over my heart. As he was drifitng off to sleep, he mumbled, “thanks for not abandoning me, even though it took me a year to build up the confidence to make love to you the way I wanted to. I love you.” His mom, dad, and sister all abandoned him. He was abandoned by previous loves. He was anally raped in prison.
I hope we have a bright future together. For all he’s been through, I want to give him all the love my heart has and more. I love to see him smile. I love when we dance, cuddle, kiss, him tickling my stomach, our dates. I just wish the neighbors would let us grow in peace- they are particularly judgemental and say hurtful things and do hurtful things everyday, but I know my love for this man can withstand any outside hate. As long as I have him and we’re both happy, I feel I have everything. Maybe in a few years, we’ll even have children. ❤ I’m just gushing with happiness.

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