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26, female. My family had a family doctor, who use to treat us regularly. I use to call him uncle and he was always fond of me. He was associated with our family for 8 years, from when I was 13. At 20, I told my mom that I wanted to see a gynecologist. She recommended me to our family doctor. I never knew he was also a gynecologist. I also realized he was my mother’s gynecologist too. But, I was hesitant to visit him. When he came to our house for regular health check up, my mom mentioned about my need to have a gynecology exam. Later that day, I told my mom that I was not sure I need him as my gynecologist. But, my mom convinced me saying that he was a very good doctor. Next day, I find myself spreading my legs to the family doctor whom I fondly call uncle from age 13. It was embarrassing to let him see my intimate parts. He inserted his fingers in my vagina and pressed at my abdomen to check for any lumps. Heights of embarrassment.

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  • Where are you from anyway? Doctors don’t do house calls in the U.S. anymore.

    Anonymous February 5, 2019 11:58 pm Reply

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