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I’m a bisexual male, I am 20 yrs old, I have white skin, a slim body with black hair and brown eyes. So I have been having sex with many girls in the past and I quite enjoyed it, I thought I should try experimenting sex with a man to see if I could get the same pleasure (and because watching gay porn made me want to have gay sex so bad), I really wanted a man’s face to explore my body and a man to suck my dick. However I don’t like the thought of me sucking a dick and getting a dick up my ass. I like being the giver for anal and a taker for BJ

I am a 20 year old white bisexual male, I got slim body, black hair and brown eyes. I have had sex with multiple girls and I have always wanted to experiment with a man, (I loved gay porn so I wanted to feel another man’s face exploring my body)

I went on this website and I found this really hairy chubby daddy, he has fiery red long hair and a very long red beard. I do not why but I contacted him out of everyone else. Even though he had a really red old face, I had a sexual attraction towards him because everytime I thought of him kissing my body I got turned on so bad.

So I messaged him and we chatted for two days and we agreed to meetup in a location. I waited for him for a few mins and then he arrived, he came out of his range rover. I literally had a big boner as soon as I saw him, he greeted me by giving a wet kiss on my hand. He had a hot french accent, his name was Tyler. He was 42 years old. He had a really hairy face, freckles everywhere, such a big beard and there was hair in his nostrils. My car then followed his car to his apartment, where I was about to experience my first men on men action.

When we got into the lift, he was behind me, he wrapped his arms around me and he pressed his nose on the back of my neck, he complimented me by saying I smell so good. When the lift when up to the 8th floor, we got out and he led me to his apartment door.

He opened the door and we went inside, his apartment looked decent, so tidy and clean. I saw a photo of another guy, I asked him who that was, he replied by saying it was his boyfriend James, James was a 22 yr old twink who had gone abroad for some work. Tyler also told me that James is also ok with the fact Tyler is having sex with other men. If James had not gone abroad, I would have experienced a gay threesome.

So then I followed Tyler to his bedroom, his bed was a super big king sized. As soon as we entered Tyler sat on his bed as I undressed myself. He untied his large ponytail. I told him before anything happens that I would not suck his dick or let anything go up my ass. He said that is fine but I have to make him cum somehow. So I walked over to him, he rubbed his hands on my chest and belly, I went closer and got on his lap while I . My belly was going was ever so close to his face, I could his warm breath from his hairy nostrils colliding with my belly, at this point my dick was throbbing already. Finally my belly touches his face and he starts kissing it. He then lays me down on the bed and starts kissing me around my face, neck and starts to suck my nipples.

He then kisses all around my chest, and then once again kisses and licks my sensitive belly, thats when my heaving breathing and moaning kicked into action. After that he licks my legs and feet, sucks my toes and licks the soles. It was so ticklish and arousing, I then sat up and we kissed again, he then went behind me and licked the shit out of my back, he then went on kissed my shoulders and slid his hairy lips on the top of arms towards my hands and went to my palms and sucked my finger and slid his hairy lips on the bottom of arms towards my armpits and he went full beast on my armpit as he licked kissed sniffed the shit out of both my armpits, it was so intense, my moans could not even come out properly.

I saw his raging boner, so took of his underwear and I saw a big red pubed monster. I jerked it off and got my dick out and we both rubbed the heads of our dicks together. He cummed like 5 shots of cum. Now it was my turn, he first played and slowly jerked off my dick and then he started to suck it, it felt mind blowing, his beard was tickling it. He then licked my head and then started to do something kinda unusual, never before seen it but he got his big red freckly nose and rubbed it on my dick, his nostrils sliding up and down on my tip, it felt soooo good I was on course to cumming a river. But he stopped, I asked why he stopped, he told me he wanted me to cum in his ass.

So I put on a condom and fucked his red ass. He started to jerk off again while I fucked him and eventually I cummed so hard I could not breath. I still lasted a pretty long time.

After that was done, it was not over because he started eating my ass, he rubbed his tongue and nose so aggressively on my anus. He paused again, laid on the bed breathing heavy
he told me to sit on his face. I stood up and sat on that red hairy face and I literally had to close to my eyes because it was too intense, I felt his big nose tickling my anus.

I had a hands free orgasm, and cummed again, I quickly put my dick in his mouth and he swallowed every drop of it.

It was finally over, we both laid down breathing heavy. I was so tired, so I stayed around and slept with him. While we were sleeping, we cuddled but his face was buried and smothered in my belly as I held the back of his head and he wrapped his arms around me while we slept.

I woke the next day and greeted him farewell, we exchanged phone numbers and he said if we wanted to do it again I should let him know, so we had a small kiss and I went in my car and left.

Few Months have gone by and I havent really spoken to him to be honest and now I have a beautiful girlfriend, she means the world to me now, we have a lot of sex. My first gay experience was a blast, I still remember it like it was yesterday, I loved every bit. However, if I am ever going to have sex with a man again, its going to be in a threesome with my sexy girlfriend

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