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I’m in a relationship with a woman who’s 15 years older than me. It’s a bit ridiculous to be shy about this. When it comes to sex, her and I usually switch off on who the dom/sub will be, and who’ll decide the foreplay itself. She’s usually very standard and sensual when it comes to sex, she’ll hold me, caress me, brush my hair, and whisper sweet, loving words in my ears. She usually sticks to her same old fun, while I always try and mix it up. Tonight, I’m feeling very playful and almost aggressive. I want to pin her down, sit on her face, treat her like a mischevious child that needs to be diciplined, and force her to call me mommy and promise she’ll never do anything bad ever again.
I know she can be a freak, as I’ve seen it come out a multitude of times, but I’m afraid she’ll be a tad insulted and confused if I just come out treating her like a disobedient child, when in fact, I’m so much younger than she is. It’s a respect thing, even if she is my girlfriend.

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