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OP- My crush for 9 years.

September 18th, 3:15-3:30p.m.-

This was the day and time when I first saw you 9 years ago. That memory still plays in my head over and over again. The way how your voice sounded, the way you made me laugh and enjoyed your presence when I was injured.

You made me smile through that and made me more drawn to you since then ,M. I still fantasize you leaning over me as I look up at your dark,brown eyes meeting my green/hazel eyes. Gently cupping my face , your eyes getting darker gazing deeper into mines.

Forcing your lips against mine hungrily, my heart racing , standing on my toes to try and match your height. But the look of lust and desire filling your eyes has other plans in mind as you push me against a wall, lifting my right leg up to wrap around your waist as you hungrily taste my neck.

Taking in your essence and scent,softly moaning in pleasure as my vision dazes in and out of focus, hearing you groaning deeply , making me squirm around a bit. You then push and grind further against my body on the wall preventing me from squirming around so much.

You lift my other leg to also wrap around your waist, holding onto my lower waist, consuming me completely, trying not to yell out in ecstasy and arousal, I bite my lips from screaming out as you grinding harder and faster against my body, making me shake uncontrollably..

I want to write more,darling,but I know I will end up writing endless paragraphs about you once again .

What wouldn’t I do to see you,loving you and loving every inch of you. From your skin,to your dark brown eyes,to your luscious black hair , the scar above your belly, kissing and sliding my tongue across the veins on your forearms and hands,The way you smile.

^^ Okay, I better stop here.

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