• 2 weeks ago

Jen Psaki Compares Unborn Babies to Broccoli, Lumps of Coal. Jen is PRO abortion. She is not fond of men.

ht tps://ww w.lifenews.c om/2023/09/11/jen-psaki-compares-unborn-babies-to-broccoli-lumps-of-coal/

I saw some comments about Jen on here in the past few days. They are correct. If it was legal, socially acceptable, Jen would virtue signal and get points by doing public castrations on social media.

On her list of males to be de-balled would be rapists, indecent exposure, Republicans, males who do not approve of Transitioning kids, those who are anti-LGBT++++ and etc.

Jen is a left wing extremist, communist, socialist, supporter of Antifa. She’d have no problem gelding and castrating anyone who doesn’t support her values. She’d do it for fun and profit.

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