• 3 weeks ago

I’m turned on by the idea of my wife cheating on me without me knowing it. She’s at a bar waiting to meet up with me, and she’s dressed sexy for me, but I’m called in last minute to work overtime, so I call to let her know. She’s disappointed, and while she’s finishing her drink and planning to head home right after, another man starts hitting on her. He buys her another drink, and after that she agrees to dance with him. He slowly gets closer until they’re making out on the dance floor. He takes her home and fucks her, cumming inside her, which she wasn’t planning on because she’s ovulating. When I get home, I’m horny, and she plans to fuck me to cover it up, just in case she conceived with him. Before fucking her, I go down on her. She tastes delicious, but I have no idea she’s filled with another man’s sperm. At first, she’s afraid she’ll get caught, but when I don’t notice, she starts giggling about how clueless I am. I’m thinking it’s because she’s enjoying me licking her so much, which makes me lick with even more enthusiasm. I finally fuck her, but it’s the other man’s superior sperm that impregnated her.

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