• 3 weeks ago

🌹My response/take on someone’s previous fantasy post-

” – You clam your lips and tongue hard onto my sensitive, pink clit. Softly crying out in electrifying pleasure as my body squirms,shakes and my legs kicking in beyond pleasure.

Feeling my other lips cry out but is silent and engulfed by your warm breath and moans as you continue to answer these crying lips of mine that could never speak but throb for more.

My thick,gaping thighs having a mind of thier mind own, wrapping around your head now, making you push and taste deeper the wet walls behind my lips. Groaning deeper in your voice, almost letting out a growl as you grip tighter onto my neck, reminding me who is in control again despite my thighs having you.

Further arching my back and neck wanting to scream in ecstacy, losing control, my eyes roll back. But my near screams gets silenced and muffled by the strength of your hand as you slide two fingers past my wet tongue.

Moaning in response, this excites you, making you slide your other two fingers with your other hands past the other silent,wet lips you had just tasted. Now your two fingers feeling the soft,tight wet walls getting tighter as you keep sliding back and forth on my throbbing , sloppy entrance.

Spreading a wider grin across your face as you feel my body’s reaction and seeing me crying in pleasure, you slide and push in further and faster, feeling and hearing my silent lips getting wetter and sloppier.

My body now violently shaking more,as my head tilts back further.Smelling the scent of the black roses placed on the bed,enticing further the pleasure. Wrapped in a never-ending hypnotic spell full of lust and desire by your hooked spiral.

Building up and feeling my climax rising, you grip tighter on my neck with one hand as you further your fingers harder and faster into me. Tasting me with your tongue once more to arise my climax even further into your grasp until-


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