• 3 weeks ago

That I’d have you laid down on a super king sized bed covered in black roses with your hands held above you as I hold you by your neck and tongue kiss you slowly but violently leaving the soft embrace of your mouth by biting on your bottom lip, making my way down your face and neck with kisses bites and licks going all the way down past your collar bones down your chest holding your throat gently but sternly with my left hand as I hold your tit and play with your right nipple with my right hand as I kiss lick suck and bit your left making my way down your low chest and waist with my face still making nothing but love and adoration to any body part of yours it comes in contact with , climbing down your left thigh with bites at the tops turning into kisses as I get to your knee and calf’s and licks and kiss was I get to your left foot swapping to the right and reversing the order now climbing up your calf with kisses and your inner right thigh and itb bites as I hold your ankles up in the air on the back of my fire arms as my hands open up your lips and pull back your clits hoods to spit on and then suck and clamp down on with my lips

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