• 3 weeks ago

I enjoyed sterilizing another white boy today. He’s neutered now and will never produce any white babies. Too many whites already but we are reducing them. We need more BLACK babies. Our BLACK population will rule the world.

I love the look of shock on their face as I insert the long needle into their scrotum and in their ball. One ball at a time. Then that looks turns to one of pain. They hear and feel that crunch as the needle penetrates and the solution is pushed into their ball, making it bulge. I push the needle all they way through from the front of the ball all the way to the back of the ball so the solution gets good distribution. I try to give them some time to enjoy the pain so I do the procedure slowly. I give them a little time before I do their other ball so the can enjoy the pain of the first injection.

Now they know what it is like, so they have a look of fear when I move on to their other ball. They know what’s gong to happen. They gasp as the needle gets pushed in and they experience the pain all over again as their ball fills up and swells with sterilization solution. Now both balls are aching and they wish they didn’t have balls. They wish I had cut them off instead. I’d like to cut them off but I don’t have that option.

Population control of whites. One ball at a time. Every. Single. Ball. – The BLACK RN

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