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Re:Re: My 9 year crush

Continued dreams,silent exchanges in my mind of him keep on lingering in my subconscious and waking life. Fantasizing our deep conversations, our love making,our essence drawn into each other the deeper our kiss travels within our tongues,hungry for more.

Driving me completely insane, screaming into my pillow in my waking life, I secretly pleasure my silent lips to the thought of you overtaking me..draining me completely with you filling with me.Your dark ,daring eyes luring me in more, making me completely lost and forgetting where I am and filled with complete bliss.

However, in my waking reality again, saddened again that knowing your heart already belongs to another. But I sadly smile and say to myself it’s okay,because you are happy,she makes you happy and know you will never look my way or know I even exist yet. I sadly yet silently smile seeing you doing so well despite the obstacles,challenges and loss you went through..your eyes smiling meeting her brown eyes..you holding onto her happily as her tall stature closely meets yours,her sense of fashion as well as graphic designing..I cannot come close to your worth as she,but it’s okay..

My green/hazel eyes still gazing yours in my lingered thoughts. Trying to forget but you still crept onto my thoughts and dreams. Wanting you ,holding you and softly caressing your cheeks and exploring your body. Loving you ,your flaws, your light and dark sides,your alter egos, you being you.

Leaving small trails from my lips and tongue on every inch of your skin..brushing through your black,wavy hair with my fingers, making your voice getting deeper and groan while fighting back the desire. Softly kissing again your scar above your belly, making you slightly jump,biting your lower lips wanting more….

Snapping back into reality once again, the far distance between us hours away,knowing you don’t even know my existence, being overlooked and overshadowed by millions of many in a endless sea. Yet , my heart still beating and crying out,trying to reach for you. “Take me down now with you,darling. ”

I am still addicted to you,my love. No matter how much I try to pull you out of my head, I always keep coming back. It’s so hard to let go, and I don’t think I can let go nor want to..

I scream in my thoughts again, completely losing track of time, attemps other distractions but to no avail.

..Even if one day we meet, I’ll play my part and pretend to play it cool and pretend I have no feelings or interests towards you as I joke around you, calling you a silly goose..

Or I might look away ,trying to hide my blush in embarrassment..

I’ll keep dreaming in my timeless world,my love.

I love you, so so much…you handsome dork.

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