• 5 months ago

They’ve been neutering boys in America for a long time. Both physically and psychologically. That’s why the country is so weak.

Now it’s more out in the open with the transgenderism. It’s physical as they actually cut the nuts off and thus prevent any rebellions in behavior and they reduce population by preventing any reproduction.

I know a girl who had her son ‘fixed’ as she calls it. She had him neutered or sterilized. He still has his empty nut sack which will be used to form vaginal lips if she decides to have him turned into a girl. The sack is completely empty. She had it cut open, his nuts pulled out and cut off and then it was sewn up.

Since he is castrated he is effeminate. He does not get any testosterone which is a comfort to her. She did this so she could get on with her life. Odd thinking.

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