• 2 weeks ago

Kar’synMarie has been asking for me to have her a brother for 2years now and I’m not ready to give her that😂🤦🏽‍♀️ but since the 1st week of school she has been telling me mama I have a brother at school and I’m like huh no you don’t 🤔😂 so finally I met her brother Ethan and his mom and she said he comes home every day talking about he has a sister name Kar’synMarie 🥹 They look out for each other And protective of each other, glued to the hip and it’s the cutest thing ever literally from play dates to now riding together every day thanks to his sweet mom❤️and FaceTime before bed &don’t want to leave each other side🥰❤️ I pray they remain friends forever ♾🙌🏽