• 5 months ago

I tie her to the bed and I edge her for hours without even using my dick. After about 2 hours, I make her cum, multiple times,
using nothing but my hands and mouth. Then, at the 3 hour mark, I finally stick my throbbingg cock inside her. I pull her hair, and I bite her neck, and
I play with her titties. And both of our backs are covered in scratches, and we are forced to make out to stifle our moans because we’re trying to be quiet.
Finally, after at least 4 hours, she is trembling, bruised, bitten, hickied, cut up, soaked in piss and cum, and unable to stand without getting lightheaded and losing
control of her trembling legs. I run us a hot bubbble bath, and I carry her in so she doesnt have to move. I wash her from head to toe, and I am very gentle and
meticulous as I wash her hair. We cuddle until the heat of the bathtub and our bodyheat is too much to bear, and were soaked in sweat. I rinse us both off, carry her to bed, and cuddle
with her for the rest of the night, putting bandages on her cut, combing her hair, and applying her moisturizer for her. We fall asleep in each other’s arms, hypnotised
by each other’s heartbeats.