• 1 month ago

I stop time just before I need to swing into the High Schools driveway and have no problem parking on the entryway right next to the many front doors. Leaving my wagon idling I go inside to see the halls are pretty full with motionless people moving between classrooms, between periods. Frozen in time. It doesn’t take me long to find a pretty girl with a modest but fit looking figure. She was a little out of the main stream so she might not just disappear to other people when she was suddenly gone. I start time with her bound, hooded and gagged in back of my hot rod ’66 Chevy Impala station wagon, and pull into my garage closing the door with the remote after driving xx miles. I stop time to avoid any struggle getting her to the secret and sound proof mini apartment that I built in my basement.
I lay her on the nicely appointed queen bed and go to water and wash up. I strip naked then I strip her petite body naked. She has a lovely body. I enjoy what I guess is a 15-16 yr old’s body. I only putting my dick in mouth for pictures, pretending for entry in her other sexy looking fuck holes. She is a virgin and she tastes heavenly. Her breasts so perfectly sized and shaped. Having little time left I gathered her things, putting her panties back on her, and the rest out the door. Next was the padded shackle around her delicate ankle. Pull on the sexy, short sleep shorts already on the cable, onto her, then pull a matching teddy over her head of long, light brown hair that smells of strawberries. She said nothing but one or two word answers the first day and a half. After 3 days of my care she gives herself to me. We have lots and lots of awesome and sometimes very kinky sex and fun for ever and ever.
The End.