• 1 week ago

Me(male) and my friend(male) are both 15, we have know each other since toddlers and I think I love him. I don’t really know if you call it flirting or not but we do it every single day. We chat and go on calls all day every day. I think I like him a lot, I want to just grab him and hug him. I have been having sex dreams with him in them for months. I don’t know if I’m gay or straight, I just think it’s important to love who ever I love. Some of the girls we hang out with (they are lesbians) said if my friend was in a gay relationship theoretically he would be the receiver. We hang out all the time in school and people always ask “where my boyfriend is” to annoy me cause we are always with each other. He got a scam insta message, so he sent an ip logger link to him and told me not to click it. Obviously I did, and it went straight to a gay porn site. He always says he doesn’t watch porn or like the idea of sex. I think he does. I watch porn 3 times a week just for a bit of fun and not to wank. We went out on our bikes like we usually do, and I questioned him about the link and he claims he just searched gay porn and got the first link. I tried to keep the topic on gay and sex, we talked about it for 1 hour and he knows all the details about anal sex and gay things. I’m trying to find out if he’s gator not but I’m just so fucking confused I really like the idea of us being more than friends.. Please let me know what I can and should do. Thanks so much if you made it to the end