• 3 weeks ago

Alone in bed and restless like clockwork at 5 am I hear your Subaru and my mind starts to wander. I rather do miss that sexy grey challenger. Fantasies of your firm grip upon the wheel and gear shifter as you lean back your lap inviting me in. Wondering if your hands would caress my curves ever so gently or grip me tight like the wheel when taking a fast curve. Promising a ride I wouldn’t soon forget. Your chest bare and glistening like gold as the sunlight caresses the droplets of sweat tracing their way down your delicious body. I imagine running my palms the length of your firm torso, relishing in the heat radiating from your body. Licking my lips as I imagine if I can’t get you to work up a sweat with a workout of our own. My pulse racing from thoughts alone. Every breath becoming heavier than the last. My chest lifting into you with every inhale as our breaths intertwine. My body sinking closer into yours with every exhale until the only barrier that lies between us is my dress and your gym shorts. Your scent musky intoxicating all of my senses. My body reacting with a mind of it’s own, my hips pulling into you. Biting my lip to contain the moans parting from my lips as your arousal grows against my lace panties. With every passing moment my yearning builds until my panties are drenched. You feel my warmth and grip your fingers in my hair, pulling my lips to yours. A gentle kiss that grows passionate devouring all my sanity. Our tongues meet and you let out a growl. So primal that makes my body quiver with need. Pleasure overwhelming my body I let my head fall back. Revealing my neck and breasts to you. Your mouth hungry upon my neck; your teeth sinking in as your tongue grazes. Marking your way down. I intertwine my fingers in your hair. Your name parting from my lips in between moans as I am about to climax from desire alone