• 1 week ago

I have a big-ass, ridiculous, EMBARRASSING crush on Dr. Anthony Fauci. Something about him is just so fucking sexy. I’m not sure what it is–his poised manner, his steady confidence, his entirely capable and reassuring manner of speaking that just makes a person feel…safe? He is a steady buoy in a storm that I just want to cling to. Is that what we crave in this new world?

I don’t know, but Dr. Fauci could absolutely get it. Anything he wanted, twice a day and three times on Sunday. I would violate every single social distancing rule with this man in a heartbeat. I would bang him like a screen door in a hurricane, and then rub the tension out of every single muscle in his body afterwards. Lord knows he needs it. I’m feeling some kinda way just thinking about it. Is there a support group for this?!

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